How Can We Help You?


Birds & Muses offers a variety of individual consultation services, including different levels of manuscript consultation, developmental editing, project-based writing for organizations, and the sustained and sustaining core of what we do: mentorship, from purely one-on-one to within the small groups of writers who gather for a week at a time during Writing Intensives, to those supporting the writers who commit to a year together as a cohort in our annual book cultivation program, Bookgardan.

Here you’ll find a quick guide to what we offer. Feel free to explore the descriptions of Mentorship, Consultation & Editing, Writing, and the Bookgardan Program, and know that you can always reach out to us to talk about finding the right fit for you.


This is the most adaptable service that Kate offers. Do you need help conceptualizing a book idea, cleaning up a manuscript, or even figuring out your next step forward on your writing journey? A mentorship with Kate may be the guidance and partnership you need. You’ll receive a personalized mentorship package for six months, fully customizable to your project. Along the way, you’ll benefit from regular encouragement, annotated feedback on your scheduled submissions, reading recommendations, writing exercises, and more. Learn more about mentorship here, or set up your free initial consultation to get started.

Editing & Consultation

If you have a more delineated goal in mind for your project, Editing is probably the right pick for you. These services are geared towards writers who have a drafted manuscript in hand and want to strengthen it, bring it to life, and make it gleam. Want an overview that will give you global feedback and skim over some of your typos for now? A Manuscript Read-Through is what you’re looking for. For a manuscript service that includes big-picture structural shifts down to the nitty gritty of diction, syntax, and formatting, set up a Full Manuscript Evaluation & Developmental Edit.

Maybe you’ve got a handle on your manuscript’s structure and the story at its heart is beating, and now you’re ready to make it surface shine for the world to see. Birds & Muses offers line editing, copyediting, and proofreading for all those awkward phrases left behind by cut-and-paste, typos and autocorrects gone wrong, formatting goofs, style consistency, and the like.

If you’re on the hunt for situation-specific advice, or if it is specificity itself that eludes you, Kate is happy to advise and work with you on your book concept, your writing practice, conference & residency opportunities, MFA programs and applications, agent queries and book proposals, magazine submissions, publishing, and the professional writing life in general.

Get all the details on Editing & Consultation services here, or drop us a line.

Bookgardan, A Year-long Mentorship & Book Cultivation Program

What would it be like if you could do the solitary work of the imagination that calls you, and have easy access to people who understand your need to dip in and out of life because they need it, too? What if you could keep your focus on cultivating your unique literary fingerprint, on telling the story that consumes you, and still be part of a team?

Bookgardan offers all the benefits of a year of Kate’s individual mentorship coupled with the encouragement and support of an intimate cohort of fellow writers, bookended by two week-long writing retreats in the majestic Adirondacks of Upstate New York, capped by a final manuscript analysis and consultation. It combines everything we do, it’s the most significant value of any of our offerings, and it’s also intensely productive and really fun. Look forward to monthly one-on-one consults with Kate on your project, master-class level craft curriculum with both scheduled and impromptu online discussions, exclusive interviews with leading female writers, guests from the publishing industry speaking on the business of being a professional writer, and building fellowship with dedicated, enthusiastic, and caring writers who will learn you and your work by heart.

Applications for the 2019-2020 Bookgardan cohort are now open! Learn more, or apply now.